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2013 года



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Тема – «Друзья навсегда»

Цель: - развитие навыков восприятия и понимания речи на слух;

                                                                        - способствовать умению выражать свои мысли по теме;

                                                                           - содействовать психологическому объединению коллектива.


Класс – 7

Дата – 16.11.2012

Ход урока

I. Introduction.


– Good morning, children. Sit down, please. How are you today? Are you in a good mood? Have you got friends?

Now, children look at the screen. Here you can see picture with questions.

1)What do the letters stand for?

2)Can people be friends all life?

3)How long have you known your friend?

4) Do you know any people who have been friends for many years?


– So, children, what is the topic of our lesson? (answers)

– You are right, our lesson is devoted to one of the greatest human feelings – friendship. And today we are going to speak about best friends.

– Children, our aim is to make a portrait of an ideal friend to the end of lesson summing up all the facts we will discuss during it.


II. Warm-up activities


Once upon a time

There lived a funny guy.

He always lived next door to me

With him was very fun to be.

I often turned to him for help –

He always gave a helping hand.

He stood by me no matter what,

We both were going in for sport.

We talked our problems through together

And found what to do in any weather.

I knew that he’d betray me never

And that it would be so forever.


-         Children, tell me, who is this guy? Why is he best friend? What do they do together?

-         Who wants to read the poem?

           III.            Checking homework

– Now I ask you to say what you think about best friend in 1-2 sentences starting like this “The best and true friend is a person…”, “A false friend is a person …”.

(on screen). Please use your home words.

(A true friend is a person who is responsible and who can keep secrets).


-         Now, please, choose a card. (every card has its colour and students must sit according to it colour.) Now, find your pair – you have the same colour.

Ok, well, your task is to ask each other about best friends and then tell this information to the whole class.


            IV.            Pre- listening task

Beckham – Бекхэм

To fight – бороться

 The king and the queen – Король и королева.

-         Now listen to Liz talking about her friends. How many close friends has she got? Who’s her BFF? (on the screen)

               V.            Physical training

Clap, clap, clap your hands

Clap your hands together

Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet

Stamp your feet together

Spin, spin, spin around

Spin around together

Shake, shake, shake your shoulders

Shake your shoulders together.


           VI.            Listening for the specific information

-         Now, let’s do exercise 2b page 51.

You are going to listen to the text again and say “Who is each sentence about?”.

1)    They’ve known each other for 5 years. (Susan)

2)    They’ve never fallen out. (Susan)

3)    They’ve been going to the same dance club since last summer. (Christine)

4)    They’ve been to the same camp twice.(Brendon)

5)    They’ve been wearing the same clothes to school since they became friends. (Susan)

6)    They’ve been sharing one room for 8 years. (Christine)

7)    They’ve been collecting information about the same famous people. (Susan)

8)    Their parents have been friends since their childhood. (Susan)

9)    They’ve become the king and the queen of Halloween. (Brendon)

10)                      They’ve been doing shopping together. (Susan)

11)                      They’ve been going to Sunday Drama School for a year. (Brendon)

-         Tell me, please, are any sentences in ex. 2b true for you and your BFF? What do you and your BFF have in common?


                    VII.            Homework and marks

-         Your home task is to write a synkwein. I’ll give you cards with instruction. In it you must write about your best friend.

-         – Children, our lesson is finishing and I’d like to thank you because you were active and worked hard at the lesson.

-         Why friends important?



Match parts of proverbs about friends and friendship.

А man is known by the company he kept.

He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our back.

False friends are worse than open enemies.

A joke never gains an enemy but often looses a friend.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

A friend to all is a friend of none.

The friends you choose help you win or loose.




Синквейн – это не простое стихотворение, а стихотворение, написанное по следующим правилам:

1 строка – одно существительное, выражающее главную тему cинквейна.

2 строка – два прилагательных, выражающих главную мысль.

3 строка – три глагола, описывающие действия в рамках темы.

4 строка – фраза, несущая определенный смысл.

5 строка – заключение в форме существительного (ассоциация с первым словом).


Interesting, difficult,

Teach, give knowledge, speak

School is a nice place.




Учитель английского языка: Блыш И.М.







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